Direct Cart SDK is being upgraded to Direct Cart App for Shopify

We are in the process of upgrading how Direct Cart is installed!

The current version of the software is provided as an SDK. We install this software on Shopify sites for our clients or we work very closely with our client’s developers to implement.

Due to overwhelming demand we are no longer capable of providing expert installation and support for custom designed upsells and cross-sells.

For now, to ensure quality of service, we are only providing support for current installations and are ending the offer on our SDK. This change will have no negative impact on our current customers.

For those of you interested in Direct Cart:

We apologize for the unavailability of our SDK.
The great news is we are going to be offering an entirely new version of the software in the coming months. This version will automatically install via a Shopify app and will require far less steps to get the key functionality of Direct Cart.

Please contact us if you would like to receive notification when our new Direct Cart App is available.