Get the task management software designed for Shopify users.

✓ Team collaboration 

✓ Tasks assignment 

✓ Track progress 

✓ Reminders + repeats

✓ Get notifications 

✓ Rich document editing 

✓ Create a task from a customer order 

✓ Take and edit screenshots

✓ Keep notes, ideas, checklists

✓ Safeguard proprietary info

   & more 

Task management designed for Shopify users.

ADVANCE your team today.


ADVANCE provides better task management,
better collaboration
and the best reminder service.

We all need reliable task management software

Many merchants are using instant messaging apps and email to communicate ideas and assign tasks to their staff and developers. Is this a good way to manage your business? 

No matter if it's WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype or some other, it is clear that these apps were never designed to be used for task management. They offer a limited view of project discussions resulting in terrible overlapping and confusion.

Email is hardly any better at dong this. Using email also feels restrictive when it comes to real-time collaboration.

ADVANCE is so much better!

ADVANCE is a tailored task management and discussion board developed with shop owners in mind. It provides an easy to use, friendly and practical solution to get teams collaborating and tackling their tasks from start to completion.

It is equipped with a bunch of great features to help you communicate better with your team and to ensure that tasks are not lost, forgotten or overlooked. 


Keep better track of what's going on in your business operation.  Write it, assign it, share it with your team, and be reminded of it.  You can set reminders on every posted message you write and create repeat reminders too for those crucial tasks that must be done on time. 


Every task gets its own real-time discussion board. So for those really difficult and problematic tasks, you have a place to discuss it with your staff, developers and marketers. 


Try ADVANCE task and collaboration Shopify App today and discover for yourself just how much better things can be when using task and project management software built for you.

Built for Shopify users. 

Manage your business and your team all in one place.

Start using reminders for everything you do.
ADVANCE comes with a very capable reminder service for single and repeat reminders!

Use case

A customer order needs attention!
On the order's page click the menu and choose to add an ADVANCE task or note. 

For the created task, set a reminder to repeat until you are finished.  

You can also set the reminder to be sent to other members of your team.

Get Things Done


Really easy to use

Open the app and add an activity. You can assign it to staff. Then click on the activity to open its dedicated discussion board. No more searching through a group chat or individual emails to find important information.

Team friendly task management

If your staff has never used project and task management software before they will not feel intimidated or overburdened by ADVANCE. They will instead gain a very useful productivity tool and discover a better way to be organized.

Safeguard your information

Control the publishing of proprietary information about your brand, your process and products. With ADVANCE, all discussions are kept on your company’s account where you have the ability to control and limit access to it.


Get the Advantage.

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ADVANCE is a one of a kind solution for Shopify store owners and we are very excited about what it can offer. So reach out to us to find out more.

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Learn more about the ADVANCE app: View the Documentation

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