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How to Install ADVANCE - Task and Collaboration

Visit us in the Shopify App Store. Click here

Follow instructions there.  These are:

Click the button to add the app

Enter your Shopify domain name.  This is the name that ends in

You may be prompted to login or you may already be logged in

Next, please accept the installation of the ADVANCE app.

That’s it for Installation. 

The ADVANCE app will open next where you can create the first user profile and select a subscription plan. 


Access ADVANCE inside Shopify Admin

To access the app, navigate to all apps in the Shopify admin section and click on ADVANCE Task and Collaboration.

If this is the first time using the app, there will be a prompt to add a user profile.

Also if you have not activated a subscription, after adding a new user profile you will be prompted to select a monthly plan to subscribe to. 

There is a free trial that will take effect next.  Billing will start automatically only after the free trial has ended.

Create a user profile

On first launch of the app, it will prompt to create a new user profile.  

The ADVANCE app will detect that you are logged into Shopify so it does not ask for setting up a password.   

All team members and any developers working with you are expected to create their own user profile to allow for effective collaboration. 

A note about accounts: 

Shopify has staff accounts.  However ADVANCE does not need to know which staff account is in use.  Each team member just has to create their personal profile to use the app after they log into Shopify. So if members of your team share Shopify staff accounts it would not prevent them from adding their own user profile in ADVANCE.

Create a user profile - Video

After creating your user profile you're all set to start your first activity.

What is an “Activity”

ADVANCE centers around creating and tracking the progress of activities. Most typical activities would be work tasks. Activities have a title, description, ability to set a status and can be assigned to one or multiple members of your team. Creating an Activity also automatically creates an Activity Message Board for posting and discussing the activity.  Clicking open on a newly created activity will navigate to the activity message board (chat). 

Create an activity  - Video

Activity Filtered lists

The “Active, To Do, In Progress, Completed and Archive Tabs.”  And the newly added NOTES tab

The Activity list page (home page) has a number of tab-buttons in a horizontal row at the top of the page.  These buttons are used to alter the view of the activity lists. 

The Notes tab is very similar to the other activity states with the distinction that notes do not track a task's status.  It's simply for adding notes and helping with organization.  When editing a task, you can chose to turn the task into a note or turn a note into a task.  

Set the status of an activity and use the activity tabs  - Video


The Active Tab

The Active Tab is the first button.  This tab shows all activities that are in one of the three potential states of an activity’s progress.  That is To Do, In Progress or Completed. 

The other three tabs are filters on the activity list for the three states of an activity’s progress.  These are referring to the same To Do, In Progress and Completed. 

The Archive Tab

When an activity has been completed it is a good idea to set it to Archived status so that it’s no longer listed as an active task.  This will remove clutter to clear the way for other activities that are still actively being discussed or worked on. 

Features of Activities list

When an activity is created and listed under one of the tabs, it shows the information set for that activity, like the title, progress status and who is assigned to it. 

It also shows the last post (or message) entered in the Activity Message Board (chat) and how long ago it was posted. 

If the last post was made recently it shows up under the Activity in the list in a bright green highlight color.  There are other colors (color codes) used to denote the lapse of time since the entry was posted to the Activity Message Board. 

Each Activity has some easy access buttons to open the Activity Message Board, or open the popup to edit the information for the Activity and there is a button to archive the activity as needed.

Activity list item - navigation buttons:  Open, Info and Archive

Open Button - will open the Activity Message Board (chat)

Info Button - This will open a popup to edit details of the activity.

Archive Button - This will archive the Activity and remove it from the Active list.  It will appear under the Archive Tab after being archived.


The Activity Message Board

After creating an activity, you may wish to add more information about it.  The way we recommend doing this is to click on the Open button to access the Activity’s messaging page. 

This page looks like a chat, although it’s more of a forum or even a Wiki.  Activities can be discussed with other team members here.  

Just like a chat, there’s an input text field at the bottom of the page where you can enter text and press the Post button to submit the message.  

There’s an Image upload button as well.  Or you can paste an image directly into the chat text field along with any text.

On desktop computers, there’s a “Take screenshot” button to help take a snapshot image of any part of your display or tab in your browser. 

There's a select Product button to quickly access your store's products to post to the chat.  It will show information like title, price, SKUs, tags and main product image.  

There is also the select Order button (for customer orders) to open a list of recent orders and post an order's current data to the chat. 

If you want to insert a customer order into the activity, you can also use the menu on any customer's order in the Shopify admin orders section.  There's an ADVANCE button on the order's page in the drop-down menu to created a task or note and include the order details. 

To learn more about taking snapshots of orders to be sent to ADVANCE please see this page:

Learn how to add a task or note for a customer order: Click here


Every post (message) entered has some features associated with it.  There are buttons for Edit, Notify, Reminder, Slice and Delete, shown below each message. 

Edit: Allows for editing a message.  Every member can edit their own message. 

Notify: Unlike a regular chat, your messages do not send a notification to other users on entering it into the chat window.  This allows for adding a message and then being able to modify it as needed without sending an unwanted notification.  When done with editing, you can choose to inform other members of the team of your message.  Click on the notify button and a popup will open giving the option to select team members to send to and then press send to send an email notification to those team members. 

Reminder: Set a reminder for this message (including the activity this message is posted in).

 Click here to learn how to set a reminder and repeat reminders.

Slice: This will create a new activity from the message post. This ca be useful if during the discussion of a task the user realizes that they would like to create a new task based on what was going on in the conversation. 

Delete: Delete the post (message).

Activity Message Board Header

At the top of the Activity Message Board for all activities there are some useful navigation options, features and information.

You can click the Home icon to return to the Activity Page.

The Info icon will open the Activity setup popup to changes things like the activity title, description and who's assigned to the activity.

There is the Status of the Activity with a drop-down to change the Activity status to one of the 3 states (To Do, In Progress or Completed)

Then there is the in-chat search icon that opens the search feature to search the current activity.

There is some information available too.  This includes the title of the activity, description and who is assigned to it.  Also who created the activity and the date it was created. 


Set reminders and repeat reminders

You can set a reminder on any activity and on any message in an activity message board.

Learn how to add a reminder to an activity: Click here


Manage your subscription account, including choosing a different subscription and ending your subscription

Change your subscription:

Open the app and click on the menu icon in the top-right of the app and click on Pricing Plans.  Your subscription information will be shown and provide the option for you to change your current subscription.

Cancel your subscription (Delete the app)

If you wish to stop using ADVANCE, you can do so by deleting the app in the Shopify apps page inside your store admin section.  Just click on the Delete button for the app and the app will be removed, your subscription will end and the recurring billing of your account will also end.

(See the Delete button in red in image below for example)


  • What is ADVANCE 

    ADVANCE is an online task management and collaboration platform that is built into the admin section of the store. Admin and staff can create tasks and non-task activities.  On adding a task, or other type of activity, a message board is automatically created for all members to have real-time discussions about the activity. 

  • How to sign in (log in)

    To access ADVANCE, log into Shopify, click on Apps and click on ADVANCE.  If you are logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to add a user profile or pick one from the list of previously added user profiles. 

    User profiles do not require a password.  Once you are logged into Shopify admin you are permitted to access ADVANCE.

  • How to make changes to your ADVANCE app subscription

    Open the app and click on your user name in the top left of the app and click on Account Info.  Your subscription information will be shown and provide the option for you to change your current subscription.

  • End your subscription

    If you wish to stop using ADVANCE, you can do so by deleting the app in the Shopify apps page inside your store admin section.  Just click on the Delete button for the app and the app will be removed, your subscription will end and the recurring billing of your account will also end.